Economic Development

The Town of Prescott Valley does not have a property tax. As a result, the Town is highly dependent upon sales tax to fund its day to day operations including law enforcement, parks and recreation, code enforcement, and all other areas of the Town.

The goal of the Economic Development Division is to enhance town revenues by increasing the business base and sales tax revenues generated by commercial and retail businesses.

Ben Hooper, the Economic Development Coordinator (email), works in unison with the Prescott Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Prescott Valley Economic Development Foundation (PVEDF) as part of a "3 legged stool" of economic development. The Town focuses on retail recruitment, while the Chamber focuses on business retention and PVEDF focuses on industrial recruitment. Ben works to increase national and regional awareness of the Town as a prime business/retail location by marketing and disseminating Town information to national and regional retailers and other commercial sectors.

Ben joined the Town of Prescott Valley as economic development coordinator in August 2016. Most recently, he worked as a redevelopment coordinator with the RACER Trust in Detroit, Michigan, serving as an intern, and an economic development consultant prior to that position. He also served as an economic development intern with the Executive Office of the Mayor of Toledo, Ohio. He holds an M.S. in Urban and Regional Planning from Eastern Michigan University, and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toledo. He and his wife Hope looked to Arizona because of its growth opportunities and Prescott Valley in particular because of its beauty and small town atmosphere. Both are happy to now call Prescott Valley home.

More than 1 million square feet of commercial space has been built in Prescott Valley since 2013. Accompanying the town’s population growth, commercial expansion will continue, as Prescott Valley strives to become a major economic force in the region.

Ben Hooper
Economic Development Coordinator