Citizen Guide to Campaign Sign Installation

Campaign Sign Regulations

The Town receives many inquiries during election periods about placement and display of political signs. The Town Code provisions relating to signage of all kinds are continually reviewed in an effort to balance 1st Amendment rights against the broader public interest in aesthetics and public safety. (See Town Code sections 13-23-010), 13-23-030(A)(4) and 13-23-060(B)) The summary of the applicable Town Code provisions regarding political signage should help candidates and campaign committees comply with these provisions.

Placement & Removal of Signs

Because of the temporary materials used, political signs are prone to create problems of litter and blight. For this reason, they are classified as temporary signs and are limited to a display period of no more than 60 days prior to the election date and 15 days after the official election date.

See Ordinance Number 816 (PDF) and Amendments to Sign Code (PDF)

Size & Height Limitations

The dimensions of political signs and similar commercial signs throughout the town are defined in Ordinance No. 816 and the amendments to the sign code (see above).

Installation Standards

All signs other than government directional signs must be located outside of the public right-of-way (Town Code section 13-23-110(A)(2)). Because actual right-of-way areas vary and are not always discernible from the current street improvements, political and other signs should typically be placed 15 feet back from street improvements or the edge of curb. Also, signs should not be placed so as to obstruct traffic signage or obstruct traffic (Town Code section 10-01-080). In particular, they should not be placed within the 10-foot sight triangle at intersections (Town Code section 13-03-040).


Signs posted in violation of these Town Code provisions are subject to removal, impounding and disposal. Persons posting the signs are also subject to civil and criminal enforcement actions.

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